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THE MAST single coil THE MAST black
THE MAST Weder Sturm noch Gewitter werden THE MAST bezwingen. Volle Segel, der Geschmack der See und der Duft des Sieges liegen in der Luft.
THE MAST Neither storm nor lightning will vanquish THE MAST. Full sails, the taste of the sea, the smell of victory.
under full sail
SPECIFICATIONS*: VOD201-Bridge / Middle / Neck - Magnet Type: Alnico V - Inductance: B 3,8H M 3,9H N 4,4H - DC Resistance: B 5,6k M 5,5k N 5,4k - single rods, two Alnico V bars - spacing: B/M 52mm  N 50mm - waxed cloth wire
two alnico 5 bars
*All specifications subject to change without notice