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striped soul Humbucker STRIPED SOUL zebra
STRIPED SOUL Aus der Finsternis in das Licht, so wie die Nacht zum Tag wird. Viele Schlachten haben Streifen auf meine Seele gezeichnet. Die Zukunft voraus, das Ziel unbekannt...
STRIPED SOUL From darkness to light, as the night turns to day. Many battles have striped my soul. Future ahead, destination unknown...
from dark to light
SPECIFICATIONS*: VOD110 - Magnet Type: Alnico V - Inductance: Bridge 8,9H Neck 5,8H - DC Resistance: Bridge 16,6k Neck 8,6k - spacing: Bridge 52mm Neck 50mm - braided four-conductor hookup cable
*All specifications subject to change without notice
MORE SPECIFICATIONS: dimensions tone chart SOUND SAMPLE: thrash - contemporary