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SEVEN ROPES Humbucker SEVEN ROPES, 7 string
SEVEN ROPES Deine sündigen Taten sind überall, Odin sieht sie alle. Deine Sünden haben Dich niedergerungen und quälen Dich, wie Seile mit denen Du gefesselt bist.
SEVEN ROPES Your sinful deeds are all around you, and Odin see them all. Your sins have weighed you down, you carry them around as ropes tied to you.
ties your sins
SPECIFICATIONS*: VTH105 - Magnet Type: Ceramic - Inductance: Bridge 9,3H Neck 5,0H - DC Resistance: Bridge 19,0k Neck 9,5k - spacing: Bridge 61,2mm Neck 57,6mm - braided four-conductor hookup cable
*All specifications subject to change without notice
MORE SPECIFICATIONS: dimensions tone chart