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ice land Humbucker ICE LAND white
ICE LAND Nach langer, eisiger Kälte verspricht ICE LAND einen neuen Anfang. Strahlend und klar spricht er von Leben, Zukunft und Erfolg.
ICE LAND After the deadness the Iceland is a promise of a new beginning. White and clear it speaks about live, future and success.
frozen at first sight
SPECIFICATIONS*: VTH103 - Magnet Type: Ceramic - Inductance: Bridge 7,9H Neck 5,0H - DC Resistance: Bridge 16,7k Neck 8,6k - spacing: Bridge 52mm Neck 50mm - braided four-conductor hookup cable
*All specifications subject to change without notice
MORE SPECIFICATIONS: dimensions tone chart SOUND SAMPLE: thrash - contemporary